Dynamic Analyzer - C Unit Test Tool

size 2.7 MB

Product Overview

SmartTester is a unit and component test tool for run-time analysis. It improves productivity and quality in software development and verification processes.

Test your code, analyze and find resolution to the problems
SmartTester automates the creation of unit and component test harnesses, test stubs and test drivers. Inunit testing, SmartTester stubs all the function calls made by the unit under test. In component testing,it links the actual functions to its calls. With minimal clicks, you can analyze code coverage and visualize the behavior of your program. Detailed test and run-time coverage analysis reports are generated.

DO-178B Adherence

SmartTester allows coverage analysis to be performed for all software levels as defined by DO-178B.

Tester can configure the coverage requirement according to the level of the software.


accord Enables host-based tests to be easily adapted to different target compilers
accord Provides detailed code coverage information required for safety and mission-critical certification
accord Operates in GUI/Command/Batch mode
accord Easy to use Graphical User Interface
accord Coverage requirements are configurable by the user
accord Test cases can be executed selectively
accord Supports all levels of DO-178B
accord Detailed test and coverage reports
accord Provision to convert reports to RTF/HTML formats

To Run SmartTester, you need Target Compilers Host Compilers
Processor : Pentium 3 and above
Speed : 2 Ghz
Memory : 256 MB
Hard Disk : 500 MB Free Space
Green Hills 4.0.x
C VDSP 21161
Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0,
C Borland 5.02,
GCC 2.95.x, 3.2.x,
3.3.x, 3.4.x;
Green Hills MULTI
Windows x86