MGNSS IP (GNSS IP) - Multi Constellation and Multi Frequency

Multi-constellation and Multi-frequency Correlators Soft GNSS IP for high sensitivity and high accuracy GNSS receivers


Accord MGNSS IP (GNSS IP) is a silicon proven, AHB compliant, all-in view, Multi-constellation and Multi-frequency GNSS baseband IP core for integration in GNSS and Application SoCs for Automotive, Smartphones, Precision and IoT applications.

The IP core is highly configurable to support any of the legacy, modernized, and potential future GNSS signals of all available constellations, concurrently or sequentially based on the need of the application. A reduced version of the IP, MGNSS – B1 GNSS IP is available for IoT applications. Please contact to know more.

It also supports processing of two RF channels offering dual frequency GNSS capability, along with superior immunity features against pulsed and multi-tone interference.

The feature rich, energy efficient baseband provides ultra-fast acquisition and precision tracking performance. The unique baseband architecture provides configurability for very low power applications with reduced sampling rates, select signals, and power-down modes.

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M GNSS IP Applications


  • 64 parallel GNSS signal tracking channels with accurate and precise measurements
  • Massive and wide bandwidth correlators enable fast acquisition and high precision
  • Supports all signals in L1, L2, L5 and S band frequencies from GPS, GALILEO, GLONASS, BeiDou, QZSS, IRNSS, and SBAS constellations
  • Efficient and generic PRN code handling architecture to support future signal structures
  • Multi-tone continuous wave interference mitigation and pulsed interference mitigation to enable receiver to operate in intentional or unintentional interference environment
  • Processes ADC output from one or two RF front-ends
  • Enables PPP and RTK positioning
  • Up to 1KHz measurement rate
  • Measurement generation on external event or internal 1PPS event
  • Battery Backed Counter to maintain GNSS time
  • AMBA compliant AHB or Synchronous Parallel Bus interface to CPU
  • Optional internal signal generator for faster verification and validation
  • Configurable ADC interface – SDR (sampled data on rising edge), DDR (sampled data on rising and falling), various sampling frequencies, real or complex samples, 1-bit to 5-bit ADC data processing
  • Patented architecture for lower power and lower logic area
  • Comprehensive power-down modes to reduce power consumption depending on the application
  • Completely synchronous design with RMM guidelines


  • Direct support from Accord for IP integration
  • Optional customization Services for AGPS, DR, INS integration as well as for ASIC conversion
  • FPGA/ASIC platform for IP evaluation


  • Fully synthesizable and technology independent RTL in VHDL
  • Compatible executable binary file for highly configurable GNSS receiver software
  • Synthesis scripts along with timing constraints
  • Verification environment including the test benches, input and expected output files, execution and analysis scripts
  • RTL IP integration manual
  • FPGA/ASIC evaluation platform for testing the performance of the IP
  • API manual for GNSS library


MGNSS IP block diagram

Accord MGNSS IP (GNSS IP) correlator with Dual RF