GPS GLONASS NavIC SBAS Receiver for Avionics Applications

The GPS-GLONASS-NavIC-SBAS receiver is a cutting-edge navigation device offering precise positioning and enhanced functionality. This receiver harnesses the power of four global navigation satellite systems for accurate location data. Its core features include multi-constellation support, real-time tracking, and improved signal integrity, ensuring reliable performance even in challenging environments. Whether for recreational or professional use, this receiver empowers users with the most accurate and dependable navigation capabilities available today.

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  • High performance GPS-GLONASS-NavIC-SBAS Receiver
  • Features 77 channels (24 GPS, 28 GLONASS, 22 NavIC, 3 SBAS)
  • Supports L1 and L2 bands for GPS, GLONASS; L5 and S bands for NavIC
  • Active antenna port for interface with GNSS antenna
  • Provides combined navigation solution at 10Hz
  • Outputs 1PPS signal
  • Supports a wide input supply range of 9V – 36V
  • 2 UARTS to interface with the outside world
  • Supports NMEA-0183 / proprietary message protocol
  • Secondary UART for message input / output
  • Supports NMEA-0183 / proprietary message protocol