Satellite Messaging And Tracking System


Satellite Messaging And Tracking System

SMATS is a Satellite Messaging And Tracking System with two way messaging capability that connects to a central hub through a Geo stationary satellite for in-round communication. Users can exchange messages with the terminal through an Android application installed on a Smartphone with Bluetooth interface. Device is powered through an external DC power supply and also from an internal chargeable Li-Ion battery. This product is developed for tracking boats and other possible applications for Satellite message services, disaster warning dissemination and asset tracking solutions. The system will be operating 24/7 in Indian region under 5 operational beams for communication with central hub via GSAT6 Satellite.

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GNSS Simulator - SIMAC6

Dual-frequency GNSS simulator


Dual-frequency IRNSS simulator

HILS/Hardware update rate support upto 10 ms

Supports profiling of receiver performance using receiver NMEA output

Supports RINEX, NMEA output messages

Selection of single/multiple channels of GNSS constellations

Flexibility for configuring all/some of the channels for SVIDs of any constellation

High dynamics simulation

Supports DGNSS corrections

Capable of multipath simulation

Navigation data modeling

Supports waypoint navigation

Supports all types of vehicle simulation via motion commands or user motion/NMEA files

Comprehensive datalogging

Supports error modeling for RAIM tests

  • Fixed Doppler offset
  • Step error
  • Ramp error

Multiple options for signal impairments

  • Ionosphere
  • Troposphere
  • Clock noise

Spreading code configuration

  • User defined
  • File loading
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