GNSS Based Network

Time Server


NGS-N90 is the next generation GNSS based Network Time Server from Accord which is also a source of highly stable and accurate time and frequency. It comes fitted with a Accord's GNSS receiver capable of receiving and tracking signals from GPS, SBAS (GAGAN), GLONASS & IRNSS (dual frequency).

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Key Features

  • Supports NTP v3&v4 & PTP v2
  • Timing Accuracy < 20 ns RMS w.r.t GPS
  • 55 channel Receiver
  • Supports GPS, GLONASS & IRNSS L5 & S Constellations
  • Manual & Automatic switching between Constellations available
  • Internal Oscillator Available in Rubidium/OCXO
  • Two independent LAN Ports available
  • Low phase noise 10 MHz signal
  • Secured Web Based User Interface (WebUI)
  • Commercial & MIL variants available
  • Customizations available for additional LAN Ports, IRIG/1PPS/10 MHz OUT
  • Code Loading feature available for Future IRNSS Satellites
  • Delay compensation for Antenna, Receiver & Antenna Cable available
  • IPv4/IPv6 available


  • Supports more than 5000 client/s
  • E2E and P2P grandmaster Clock with hardware time stamping
  • 8 ns PTP time stamping resolution
  • High resolution Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD) to display Time in GPS/UTC/IST
  • Anti Single frequency GPS (L1) and SBAS (GAGAN) L1:1575.42 ±10MHz
  • Position accuracy of < 10 m RMS (1σ) with GPS+SBAS under clear sky
  • HTTP based comprehensive web-interface over LAN ports
  • Position and Time information in NMEA-0183 (ZDA/GGA/GSV/RMC..)
  • User selectable NMEA Data rate up to 115.2Kbps
  • NMEA Size: 1 U/2U, 19 inch rack mountable
  • Weighing less than 6 Kg
  • On Oscillator - TCXO / OCXO / Rubidium
  • Hemispherical Pattern Coverage
  • < 20 mins of Acquisition Time
  • AC input of 100-240 V, 50 Hz, IEC 60320 C14 Connector.
  • Standard sentence format at RS232 level on DB-9 female-connector & LAN port
  • IRIG Input - IRIG-A/B/G, AM, 3Vpp, 3:1 ratio into 50 Ω
  • 1024 Single frequency GLONASS (G1) G1:1602.00±5MHz


GNSS based Network Time Server

Available Customizations

Additional port: 10Base-T/100Base-Tx on RJ-45 Connector for Time distribution over LAN using PTP (IEEE 1588) Protocol

NTP over fiber: 10/100/1000 Base-Lx, 1310nm, single mode fiber on LC type connector

2-U rack mountable Enclosure depending on the number of output connectors

DC supply input :18-36 V with lockable Circular connector

1-PPS output on multiple BNC female connectors

10 MHz output (Sine/Square) on multiple BNC female connector

External IRIG reference input for synchronization

Custom outputs and accessories supply as per site requirements

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Accord NGS has multiple GbE ports for time dissemination over the network using NTP protocol. It comes with multitude of customizable options for signal outputs and ports making it truly suited to meet the network and site requirements of the end-user.

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