NAVIKA - 1100

NAVIKA - 1100


Navika-1100 is a dual-constellation receiver that combines the advantages of GPS L1 and NavIC L5 signals. Targeted specifically at the Indian market, Navika-1100 provides navigation and timing for various applications.

With 32 acquisition channels, Navika-1100 supports fast satellite searches in all receiver modes. The module outputs the navigation data over UART in the NMEA 0183 data format. For applications needing more than one navigation record per second, the module can compute up to 10 PVT records in a second.

In environments prone to unintentional jamming or in applications that require GNSS to be co-located with high power transmitters (e.g. 4G modems), Navika-1100 supports up to 16 interfering tone mitigation. The module also supports anti-spoofing algorithms to detect attempts to misguide. Most land applications suffer from the deleterious effects of multipath. Navika-1100 includes multipath mitigation techniques to improve the location accuracy under such conditions.

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  • Navika 1100 is NavIC (L5) GPS (L1) and GAGAN Module
  • Navika 1100 process signals from two GNSS frequency bands L1 and L5
  • Supports 32 tracking and 26 acquisition channels
  • All-in-view positioning
  • Position update rate of 1 Hz
  • Multipath mitigation
  • Anti-jamming - 16 tone interference mitigation
  • Anti-spoofing - Advanced Spoofing detection
  • Supply Voltage Range 2.7V to 3.3V
  • On-board LNA for passive antenna designs
  • NMEA-0183 v4.11 message output
  • Operating Temprature Grade -40°C to +85° C


  • Vehicle / Asset Tracking Devices
  • Fleet Management
  • Telematics/Infotainment
  • Drones / UAV’s
  • Marine Navigation
  • Portable units