NAVIKA - 1600T

NAVIKA - 1600T

GNSS Timing Module

The Navika-1600T is a compact and high-performance solution designed for precise time and frequency synchronization across various satellite constellations, including GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, BEIDOU (L1 band), and NavIC (L5 band). Its small 17 mm x 22 mm form-factor facilitates easy integration into spaceconstrained designs. Featuring a dedicated timing block, the module delivers exceptionally accurate time outputs and synchronized frequency signals aligned to the 1PPS edge with sub-2.5 nanosecond precision, crucial for applications needing stable 10 MHz references or precise 1PPS pulses..

Performance metrics include a hot start time-to-first-fix (TTFF) of 1-2 seconds, a robust -165 dBm tracking sensitivity, and sub-1.5 meter position accuracy. These qualities cater to critical timing and demanding GNSS receiver needs, ensuring reliability in various environments.

The Navika-1600T supports industry-standard interfaces (UART, I2C, SPI) for seamless communication with external devices. It includes advanced signal protection features like robust spoofing detection for unauthorized signals and alerts for high-power jamming threats. Additionally, it mitigates LTE B13 signal effects, enhancing operational reliability. Combined with TRAIM technology, the module maintains integrity in time and frequency outputs, meeting stringent reliability standards across synchronization applications.

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  • 17mm x 22mm module form-factor
  • Processes signals from multiple constellations across L1 and L5 frequency bands.
  • Supports 116 channels
  • Fast Time-To-First Fix
  • Precise 1PPS output with configurable pulse characteristics
  • Standard 10MHz Frequency output..
  • Holdover: Better than 10 ppb over 24 hours
  • Multipath mitigation
  • Anti-Jamming & Anti- Spoofing
  • Timing Integrity - TRAIM
  • Edge castellations for easy assembly
  • Single 3.3V input supply


  • Financial Trading
  • Synchronization of power grid
  • Internet Infrastructure
  • Cellular systems
  • Railway Networks